For a beautiful snow eggs

a clean, dry container and whisk are used

and we beat regularly

For green vegetables to keep their color

they are cooked in a large amount of salt water and covered

then they are refreshed in a salad bowl of ice water

For soufflés and cookies all in thickness

we make sure to mount very firm snow blanks

and it is incorporated in a lukewarm mass taking care not to lift its spatula without turning it on itself

Oyez! Oyez! Get ready, make a feast with us on!

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Ze Bonne Bouffe®, c'est comme à la bonne franquette

service Houmous libanais

Shuba of the Tsars

The famous Piedmontese slave

service Boeuf à la française

The perfect turkey

Succulent poultry and its potatoes

service Jardinière à l'épaule

Steack the bar

A crispy fish with a fragrant taste

service Mille-feuille au rhum

The chocolate soufflé

With her vanilla ball at heart

Thanks to you I can boast of knowing how to finally succeed complicated dishes


Easy and fast preparations. Bravo!


Thank you very much for your cooking class


Our good ones


Monseigneur Barbecue

Vous fera saliver de ses viandes tendres et juteuses


Lady hors d'oeuvres

She can walk on eggs without breaking them


The pastry chef of his ladies

Nicknamed the man with golden barley sugar

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